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How it works

Ciné Souk has developed the Vloggi™ video blogging app that captures, captions and geotags short, shareable travel videos.

Our unique content management system then stitches together video clips into themed short films, based on content, destination or viewer profiles. 

We will be launching a marketplace in coming weeks to allow the travel and tourism industry to access our network of travel filmmakers.


1. Browse

Vloggers can browse paying vlog gigs near them. Each vlog op attracts a minimum payment plus options to resell content.


2. Capture

Vloggi™ is the world's simplest video capture tool. It only works in landscape and its auto white balance ensure great vision. 


3. Caption

Each vlog is automatically geotagged, leaving the vlogger only to add their own comments on the footage.

How to use Vloggi

Each 10-second Vloggi is a small part of the overall mosaic that a destination needs to promote.

Individual businesses can commission tens or hundreds of Vloggis for their own promotional purposes.

For tourism boards, our Vloggis integrate into destination marketing campaigns.  You may commission your own Vloggis or use one of our pre-templated blog series to target a particular market. 

For more detailed information, including target audience and profile, click the link below.  

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Anyone can become a filmmaker

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